kasouga-ship-rockThis morning we decided to take a walk along the beach to Ship Rock. This icon of Kasouga lies east, toward Port Alfred, about a 40 min brisk walk. The pristine white beach stretched out in front of us and, although the sand was quite firm, an easterly breeze into us made the walk more demanding than we anticipated.

But we were in for a pleasant surprise! About 5 minutes into the walk we spotted two dolphins a short way from the beach in the first breakers. They were playing in the waves and in no hurry. They would drift along, play with one another or just rest in the rollers. What a pleasant sight!

Dolphin Playing In The SurfThe dolphins leisurely play entertained us all the way to Ship Rock. I’m sure they were out to show off to us, never going to far ahead before turning back to draw level with us again.

Needless to say, with this entertainment the beach walk to Ship Rock became effortless and before we knew it we arrived at this impressive rock formation. A real landmark whose massive size makes it visible from the sea and useful for fisherman out on their boats as well.

As if they new that we had reached our destination, the dolphins sped up when we got to Ship Rock and quickly disappeared in the surf towards Port Alfred.

Our return trip seemed to take quite a bit longer without entertainment  but we once again realised what a privilege it was to have accommodation at Kasouga.