Lesser Striped SwallowOur breeding pair of Lesser Striped Swallows came back to their mud-pellet nest, which has remained under the cement landing of the kitchen door at 3 Barrack Lanee for many years.


The nest is “spruced-up” every summer and, as usual, the pair of Lesser Striped Swallows which came nesting this year are busy feeding their chicks.


The Lesser Striped Swallow is a small intra-African migrant which usually occurs in pairs.

You can read more about them here: http://www.biodiversityexplorer.org/birds/hirundinidae/hirundo_abyssinica.htm


Their amazing nest is constructed of a very large number of tiny pellets of mud, each pellet of mud fetched from some moist spot, often kilometres away here in Kasouga, carried in the bill and afixed to the last pellet. The nest is cup-shaped, lined with feathers and has a long entrance tunnel which is unlined. All-in-all making for very comfortable accommodation for the chicks.

There are lots more pictures to look at here:  http://www.pbase.com/gtepke/lesser_stripedswallow


What a labour of love!